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Ten cool facts about the technology industry

1. Space, spies and nuclear bombs. The Internet was born out of fear during the cold war. Its purpose was to speed up technological progress. Many nodes distributed accross different locations mitigated the risk of losing the system due to a nuclear attack. Today, that same distributed architecture remains but instead of a few dozen nodes it hosts hundreds of millions.
2. One Irony about Net Neutrality.. Net neutrality is a term describing the principle that the Internet should remain unfiltered, unrestricted and open for all. The irony is that the Internet was born from a military network.
3. Big data is so big that it is measured in different terms. A zettabyte is roughly 1 billion terabytes. To put that in perspective, one terabyte is 1,000 gigabyes. That's big!
4. The foundation for Skype was developed in 1928. Skype leverages a technology called Voice over IP (VOIP). The foundations for the digital signal sampling theorem that underpins all modern VOIP technologies were formed in 1928 by Harry Nyquist.
5. Keyboards were designed to slow down typists. Early type writers were prone to jamming if keys were pressed in quick succession so designers avoided placing commonly used letter pairs in adjacent positions. That key layout remains today.
6. Many technology careers are not technical. There are many technology fields that do not require a technical background. Management, sales and graphics are some examples.
7. Satellites aren't floating in zero gravity. The Earth's gravitational pull reaches well beyond a satellite's orbit. Just ask the moon :) What prevents a satellite
from crashing back to earth is the combination of height and speed. If you connect a string to a ball and spin it you will experience the counter effect to gravity that speed provides.
8. Some cool technology names. 'Elastic beanstalk' is an AWS service. 'Reverse path forward' refers to a principle governing multicast trees. The 'BS' bit is not what you think. It refers to the "bottom of stack" bit in an MPLS packet. 'Google' is a mispelling of the number "googol" which is a 1 followed by 100 zeros.
9. An ancient chinese game is a greater challenge than chess for Artificial Intelligence. The Ancient game of 'GO' is exponentially more complex than chess and so is considered a greater AI challenge.
10. Tetris is the greatest selling game of all time. 495 million paid downloads!