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    Don't let complex and ever changing IT job demands cloud your career pathway. Discover surprising challenges facing popular roles, untap hidden opportunities and more. We map salaries, qualifications, skills, trends and demand in IT industry jobs.
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    Explore the latest technology and discuss issues affecting IT industry jobs, innovations and trends. Plus, receive member only discount offers. We NEVER sell or distribute your details.
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    With over 8 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of visitors IT Pathways is a leading authority on IT careers. We help you to identify trends and navigate complex and ever changing industry skills demands.
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Here's an overview of the site and what you can expect to get out of it. Well worth a look, you may be pleasantly surprised!

tech skills

What's hot and what's not? Technology skills and qualifications explored at a level suitable for professionals.

training and talent

The right training at the right time. Important facts and figures that can help you to get that combination right.

job applications

Don't ever use generic templates again. Ours are customised and are constructed from real IT job requirements.

latest projects

Job readiness skills

The latest techniques used by winning job candidates. A clear advantage.

Interview Simulator Pro

Super cool interview simulator producing amazing results.

IT Salaries.info

IT salaries like never before by experience, qualifications and skills.

Why is our research important to you?

Of all the industries in a modern economy, information technology must be the undisputed champion of standardisation. Yet, for an industry with such a decorated list of achievements there is one glaring omission, job definitions. Our research has shown that demand for qualifications and skills is so diverse between companies that a common industry view can only be defined in terms of percentages. How is it that two different role titles perform the same tasks? Conversely, how is it that two identical role titles can perform different tasks between organisations? After analysing over 18,000 jobs the only absolute that we have found is that job descriptions, qualification demands, salaries and skills vary between employers. This inconsistency causes a number of significant problems;

  • ➤ Hiring is more complex
  • ➤ Training decisions carry more risk
  • ➤ Expectations on employees may be unrealistic due to poorly matched skill sets
  • ➤ Increased hiring risk to employers

This problem of job definition and qualifications stanardisation is one that it-pathways is attempting to address. Our skills definitions are derived from an analysis of thousands of jobs so they are truly a reflection of industry demand.

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