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Change Manager Job Description

Job Description

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Manage the process of change by documenting and mitigating the risk of moving, adding, removing, deleting, modifying or supplementing software, processes or infrastructure within the organization. Produce CM design,strategy & implementation plans and champion the ongoing improvement of the CM process. Provide leadership and direction to help to realize the incident free deployment of software and infrastructure.


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  • Successful delivery of Change Management procedures and methodologies
  • Develop, maintain and improve the change process
  • Identify training needs and develop CM training
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Define change system approval work flows
  • Monitor compliance to the change management process
  • Define and refine change classifications such as Emergency, Out of Session and Standard
  • Business Impact Assessment & transition planning
  • Identify and initiate improvement to customizable change management software components
  • Review RFC (Request for Change) applications for compliance and completeness
  • Monitor and report on the status of changes
  • Identify and manage scheduling conflicts
  • Review and endorse implementation plans for compliance
  • Review and endorse communications plans for compliance
  • Schedule and organize Change Review Board meetings
  • Liaise with stakeholders and technical staff
  • Negotiate appropriate change windows with the business
  • Develop and present training
  • Promote the process across the enterprise
  • Assist with improving coordinated and regularly scheduled changes to minimize risks, reduce disruptions and costs of doing business

Key Competencies

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  • Communications
  • Planning & organizing
  • Record Keeping
  • Managing Tasks
  • Processes & Procedures

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Employer Demand


58% Excellent written and oral communication skills
42% Ability to facilitate large and complex implementation events involving different resource teams and/or external vendors
33% The ability to influence and lead
25% Broad knowledge of business process
20% Demonstrated knowledge of Change Management frameworks such as ITIL
17% Experience with business transformation implementations
17% Experience managing pre and post event reporting
16% Exceptional interpersonal skills
8% Experience monitoring compliance and performance


Employer Demand


33% Degree
8% ITIL Change Management Practitioner


The following salary indicators were found for this role;


Roles Not Requesting a Degree

Roles Requesting a Degree

Top End

Salary Insufficient Data Insufficient Data Insufficient Data
Contract Rates Insufficient Data N/A

Key Personal Attributes

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An excellent change manager is an enabler. This role can tend to be tied down by process in order to mitigate as many risks as possible. Ultimately, however, it is in the business best interest to enable changes to occur in a timely manner. An excellent change manager finds a healthy balance between a flexible and agile change system and a low risk environment.

Attraction to the Position

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This role is well suited to highly organized individuals.

Staff Retention Strategies for Employers

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Change Management can be perceived as a hindrance to engineers and other implementers rather than a positive tool to manage change. This can create conflict for the practitioner in the change management role. Employers should support and promote the change process where possible to ensure that all staff have a common understanding of expectations.

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