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IT Consultant Job Description

Job Description

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To deliver expert counsel within a given field of specialization. Provide thought leadership by offering authentic and valuable advice to clients. Fields of expertise include, but are not limited to; - Architecture - Change Management - Data Management - Infrastructure Virtualization - Java - Lotus Notes - Mobile Technology - MS Exchange - PeopleSoft - Risk Management - SAP Data Migration - SAP Security - Security - Sharepoint - SQL/BI - Storage and Backup - VMware Technology - Web Analytics - WebSphere

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  • Establish rich and fruitful communications with clients to understand their core business, service requirements and key challenges.
  • Deliver fit for purpose solutions that address the clients requirements and key challenges.
  • Align solutions to the business strategic plan and technology road maps.
  • Facilitate intra-client processes and communications.
  • Produce reports, strategy, policy, process or third party agreements.
  • Promote and apply formal methodologies across the organization.
  • Produce frameworks and standards.
  • Review processes, standards and work practices and provide recommendations for improvement.

Key Competencies

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  • Situational Analysis
  • Influencing
  • Strategic Insight
  • Situational Analysis
  • Communications
  • Financial proprietary

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Employer Demand % Skill
55 Excellent written and oral communication skills.
38 Excellent knowledge of information systems and infrastructure.
28 Excellent knowledge of software development methodologies.
16 Broad knowledge process improvement techniques and principles.
13 Excellent time management and prioritization skills.
7 Expert knowledge of best practices and standards within field of experise.
1 Facilitation and negotiation skills.


Employer Demand % Qualification
49 Degree
6 Masters or MBA


The following salary indicators were found for this role;

Role Roles Not Requesting a Degree Roles Requesting a Degree Top End
Salary $80K-$116K $96K-119K $170K
Contract Rates $41h-$59h N/A

An excellent consultant has the ability to quickly and accurately establish the client\'s core business and key challenges. Excellent solutions meet objectives or mitigate the client\'s key issues over the long term whilst working within business related constraints and restrictions.

This role is well suited to highly experienced experts who are passionate about their field of choice.

Change and new ideas can be difficult to promote in an organization. For this reason, consultants can find that themselves spending the majority of their time defending solutions rather than designing or implementing them. Employers can help to alleviate this problem by ensuring that there is a stringent process in place to test the quality of the solution, but there is also a clear and decisive decision point where it is accepted and ratified or rejected.

Specific duties and qualifications were difficult to isolate in this role due to the fact that there are so many different areas of expertise. Although statistics cannot narrow down specific certifications due to the variance of skills in this role, high level technical certifications would no doubt carry significant weight for any technical specialty.

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