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IT Cover Letters

This page provides cover letters that have been custom written for each field. We have found that cover letters tailored to their field (just like ours) have a much higher rate of success. This is because skills and abilities vary between jobs and so employers tend to look for different attributes and experiences depending on the responsibilities of the role. In order to help identify key attributes for each field we have set up a Skills in IT page that contains many figures about employer demand for different types of abilities.

Cover Letters for Students

Students are faced with the challenge of proving competency without prior experience. Our samples show students with little/no experience express themselves as credible candidates.

  • Students and Graduates - demonstrates how students can promote basic computer skills to an employer with little or no work experience. Also demonstrates how a university graduate can relate specific knowledge acquired within a subject to the skills required by an employer.

Return to Work

  • Return to Work - Describing skills after a long absence can be challenging. This sample draws from both previous experience and re-training.

Cover Letters for Client Focused Jobs

Focused on customer service, meeting targets and excellent communication skills.

  • Help Desk - Entry level and experienced help desk job applications.
  • Business Analyst - Experienced BA describing common skills such as process and workflow.

Cover Letters for Technical Jobs

Demonstrating high level and entry level technical skills and communication skills.

Networks and Telecommunications

Windows and Systems Administrators

Desktop and PC Technicians


  • IT Security - Network penetration and operational security experience.

Developers and Programmers

  • Software Developer - Sample with VB.Net and C# skills and experience.
  • Web Developer - Sample with advanced web skills such as HTML, PHP and object oriented scripting.
  • Web Developer - Suitable for a graduate applying for a Web Development role.

Cover Letters for Management Jobs

Focused on leadership and direction. Demonstrating the ability to meet targets

  • IT Manager - Utilizing team leader and project lead experience as well as knowledge of SLAs and OLAs. A second sample for Project Managers lists previous deliverables and success criteria.
  • IT Director - Experience conducting large programs of works as well as significant tender evaluations.
  • CIO - Extensive experience leading multiple teams as well as the application of strategy to deliver business benefit.

Common Inclusions and Mistakes

10 Common Inclusions

  1. Personal details such as your name and contact information.
  2. The date and details on the job advertisement such as the source of the advertisement (newspaper, web site, word of mouth)
  3. A brief note stating why are interested in the role.
  4. Your relevant background, training and education.
  5. Any relevant achievements such as awards and certifications.
  6. Briefly address each criterion in the job advertisement. Provide specific background and experiences.
  7. Strong, convincing arguments demonstrating how you meet the criteria at a high standard.
  8. One or two references to your resume.
  9. Should be four to five paragraphs in length including one for the introduction and one for the closing statement.
  10. A 'call to action' suggesting an interview or further contact.

7 Common Mistakes

  1. Spelling mistakes and/or grammatical errors. Make sure that you use a spell checker. Proof read your response several times, I find it helpful to proof read my work after I have taken a break.
  2. Poor formatting. This document must be visually appealing and easy to follow. Make sure that there is a clear introduction, body and conclusion.
  3. Not tailoring the response to the individual job. Each job has a unique set of criteria to respond to. Addressing these criteria specifically will allow you to begin the process of establishing a common ground.
  4. Don't write too much. You risk losing the recruiter's attention and interest.
  5. Don't write too little. It seems a little tough, doesn't it! Don't assume that the recruiter knows your background or skill level. These key points must be spelled out - literally.
  6. Don't be negative. Your entire document should be upbeat and positive with a 'can do' attitude.
  7. Don't dismiss the cover letter as the 'least important' document. If this document doesn't shine it is possible that your resume will not be looked at.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much technical content should I include?
A. Many IT jobs are technical in nature. As such, it is appropriate to include acronyms and limited technical jargon if they are necessary in order to respond effectively to a criterion as long as the IT cover letter is eligible.

Q. Why do you say ethical cover letters are better?
A. Ethical cover letters deliver a higher quality argument and tend to be less easily dismissed due to their persuasive nature. Mounting evidence in the document provides a number of arguments focused toward the same topic that together result in a very convincing document. The reader in turn can reason that you are well suited to the role without being specifically told. This method of arguing has been used in the legal system for thousands of years due to its highly persuasive nature and can be adapted to cover letters to convince employers of your suitability to the offered job.

Q. Why invest time in writing a unique cover letter for each job?
The quick answer is because custom written applications have a better success rate. The primary reasons for that are listed below;

  1. Each job is different, skills that are applicable to one job may not be important to another.
  2. The information within is usually used to short list suitable applicants. A 'short list' is the term used to describe applicants that have been selected to progress through to the next stage of the selection process.
  3. An outstanding cover letter may tip the scales in your favor if you are very closely matched with another applicant.
  4. It is an opportunity to present a strong, convincing argument for your suitability to the role.
  5. It is an opportunity to shine brighter than competing candidates.
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