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IT Roles and Job Descriptions

The list below groups computer jobs into categories based on the type of role and responsibilities. If the difference in pay rate is of interest, this IT salary comparison provides a great visual for that purpose.

Technical Jobs

Technical jobs require specific technical knowledge about hardware and/or software.


  • Network Administrator - Support and maintain network infrastructure such as switches, routers and firewalls. See also Careers in Networking.
  • Network Engineer - Design and implement network infrastructure.
  • Network Architect - Provide standards and frameworks that can be used in solutions design.
  • Infrastructure Architect - Lead technical design standards, technical direction and network support processes for server, storage and network infrastructure.

Server and Storage

  • Systems Administrator - These are technical roles that specialize in just a few technologies or operating systems. It is common for a systems administrator to have experience with a number of different technologies that are provided by the same vendor. For example, a Windows systems administrator with Microsoft Exchange server skills.
  • Server Administrator - Install, configure, support and maintain server infrastructure and server operating systems.
  • Windows Administrator - Provide Microsoft Windows platform management, configuration, design, training and expertise.
  • Windows Systems Engineer - Planning, design, configuration, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of Windows systems.

Software Development

  • Programmer - Write, debug, test and enhance software source code.
  • Software Developer - Design, code, test and implement software applications, web applications or web sites.
  • Programmer Analyst - Responsible for evaluating user requests and identifying business processes and user requirements.
  • Software Engineer - Design, develop, test, enhance and debug software applications and systems.


  • Database Administrator (DBA) - Ensures the proper operation of business systems software concerned with the storage and processing of large quantities of data. Some widely used database software platforms include Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer and MySQL.


  • Security Administrator - Security roles vary in scope and skills. Some security roles are tied closely with vendor firewall software, patch management, virus scanners or IPS/IDS while other security roles are policy based and do not have a technical requirement to the role.



An analysis of over 1000 technical jobs revealed that employers are overwhelmingly seeking experienced candidates. A significant percentage of employers sought Windows server skills. A relatively low percentage of employers sought staff to work in complex environments.

Skill/Experience Keyword Demand Percentage
Previous Experience 1025 Jobs matched from a total 1142 90%
Industry Certification 246 Jobs matched from a total 1142 22%
Complex Problem Solving 127 Jobs matched from a total 1142 11%
Server 505 Jobs matched from a total 1142 44%
Windows or Microsoft 462 Jobs matched from a total 1142 40%
Communication 421 Jobs matched from a total 1142 37%

Table 1. Keyword Analysis of technical jobs.

Client Facing Jobs

Client support jobs typically suit friendly, sociable people with excellent communication skills. For this reason, interviews for this type of position normally include a range of behavioral questions.

Help Desk and Service Desk

Computer Support

  • Desktop Support - Responsible for the upkeep of desktop operating systems and common applications.
  • PC Support - include operating system skills as well as knowledge about a variety of business applications.
  • IT Support - Maintain IT systems such as computers, mobile devices, LAN, WAN and applications.
  • Computer Technician - Includes skills and knowledge in computer hardware components and models. Knowledge of current video card hardware, for example, is important for advising customers about gaming PCs.


  • Sales - require a high level understanding of IT systems as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • IT Recruiter - is responsible for indentifying talent, advertising and filling IT related job vacancies.


A keyword analysis of over 120 client facing jobs revealed that a majority of employers seek experienced candidates with Microsoft desktop skills and excellent communication skills.

Skill/Experience Keyword Demand Percentage
Previous Experience 99 Jobs matched from a total 121 82%
Industry Certifications 28 Jobs matched from a total 121 23%
Previous Support Role 48 Jobs matched from a total 121 40%
Desktops 48 Jobs matched from a total 121 40%
Technical 39 Jobs matched from a total 121 32%
Windows or Microsoft 66 Jobs matched from a total 121 55%
Communication 59 Jobs matched from a total 121 49%

Table 2. Keyword Analysis of client facing jobs.

Process Jobs

Process driven jobs include any role that requires thought and reorganization into the way that things are done.

Process roles analyze and refine workflows, work practices and approval processes to ensure efficiency, risk management, rich communications, accountability, quality or client relations.

  • Change Managers - ensure that IT related changes in an organization are managed in terms of risk, impact and reporting. Very large IT departments can make hundreds of changes to the production network in a month and the management of these changes falls under the responsibility of the change manager.
  • Incident managers - are required to coordinate technical staff from many different teams when there is a major system failure.
  • Business Analyst - examine and review business processes and relay that information to technical IT staff in order to assist them (the technical staff) to improve existing systems.
  • Consultant - Usually an expert in one field, a consultant works with technical staff and management to solve or improve an organizations' IT systems or processes.
  • Enterprise Architect - Considers business process, finance and other key inputs in order to identify key artefacts and develop forward strategy.
  • IT Auditor - Conduct and report audit findings making recommendations for improving process, ensuring compliance, improving operations, reducing costs and mitigating risk.


We researched keyword statistics on over 170 different process jobs. The results show that employers are looking for these jobs to manage risks and processes, to improve communication and to improve business relationships.

Skill/Experience Keyword Demand Percentage
Risk Management 19 Jobs matched from a total 173 11%
Finance 3 Jobs matched from a total 173 2%
Business 80 Jobs matched from a total 173 46%
Analytical 6 Jobs matched from a total 173 3%
Service Levels 9 Jobs matched from a total 173 5%
Technical 61 Jobs matched from a total 173 35%
Management 88 Jobs matched from a total 173 51%
Communication 89 Jobs matched from a total 173 51%

Table 3. Keyword Analysis of process jobs.

Management Jobs

Information Technology leadership and governance roles provide direction to technology teams. Direction is a crucial component of delivering information systems that add value to the business. Governance roles involve the management of human resources, schedules, budgets and information systems/infrastructure.

  • CIO - Oversees the management of all Information Technology systems in an organization.
  • Consultant - Usually an expert in one field, a consultant works to design or improve an organization's IT systems or processes.
  • Data Center Manager - Take responsibility for the ongoing support, maintenance, performance and uptime of corporate data center facilities.
  • Enterprise Architect - Develop strategy, roadmaps and provide technical direction.
  • Help Desk Manager - Oversees the daily operations of the help desk or service desk.
  • IT Director - Senior task master of Information Technology within a business.
  • IT General Manager - Provide leadership, strategic vision and direction to the IT infrastructure, customer service and application development departments.
  • IT Manager - Responsible for the proper operations and maintenance of computer systems in a company.
  • Operations Manager - Responsible for the ongoing support of corporate networks and services.
  • Program Manager - Plan, scope and lead services engagements with clients.
  • Project Manager - Responsible for the delivery of a large body of work to develop, install or enhance IT systems.
  • Service Delivery Manager - Manage the performance and quality of services rendered.
  • Technical Project Manager - Utilize a technical background in order to organize a team of individuals to accomplish a given objective.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst - Model complex data structures and translate business needs into reporting requirements.


Skill/Experience Keyword Demand Percentage
Previous Experience 332 Jobs matched from a total 363 91%
Project 187 Jobs matched from a total 363 52%
Business 143 Jobs matched from a total 363 39%
Strategy 41 Jobs matched from a total 363 11%
Leadership 96 Jobs matched from a total 363 26%
Communication 181 Jobs matched from a total 363 50%
Management 261 Jobs matched from a total 363 72%
Client Support 116 Jobs matched from a total 363 32%

Table 4. Keyword Analysis of governance jobs.

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