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Service Delivery Manager Job Description

Job Description

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Manage the performance and quality of services rendered. Services rendered may include external entities delivering services under a contractual agreement to the company, or they may include services provided by internal departments to business services.


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  • Responsible for overseeing the successful delivery of service engagements
  • Manage SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and OLAs (Operational Level Agreements)
  • Identify key success factors and prioritize work packages to achieve corporate goals
  • Negotiate lease/purchase agreements as necessary
  • Liaise with vendors, clients, project delivery, operational teams and management as necessary
  • Ensure that service levels are appropriately aligned to corporate policy and strategic direction
  • Monitor, investigate and report breaches in performance or quality
  • Champion corporate awareness of service targets and facilitate cooperation in order to meet those targets

Key Competencies

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  • Decision making
  • Planning & organizing
  • Influencing
  • Customer Consideration
  • Customer Interaction
  • Strategic thinking
  • Service Level Agreements

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Employer Demand


100% Demonstrated experience in a previous Service Delivery role
40% Working and/or certification in ITIL
20% Demonstrated experience negotiating contracts and key success factors
18% Demonstrated leadership experience


Employer Demand


60% Degree


The following salary indicators were found for this role;


Server Admin and Engineer Roles

Top End

Salary Insufficient Data Insufficient Data
Contract Rates Insufficient Data

Key Personal Attributes

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An excellent service delivery manager understands success metrics as they relate to business clients, not technology, and negotiates targets accordingly.

Attraction to the Position

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With strong trends toward cloud computing and IT outsourcing models, service delivery roles are well suited to the management of these services and therefore present excellent long term career prospects.

Staff Retention Strategies for Employers

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Environments where targets are often missed without solid process to address the failure can lead to a sense of frustration. Management should look to ensure that service delivery managers are well supported by other business units in the ongoing effort to improve.

Advantage Alert

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No advantage alerts at this time for this role.