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11 Mock Interview Questions and Answers

The following mock interview questions and answers are intended to be used one or two days prior to the real interview. They are designed to refresh your memory about key events in your employment history that are likely to be helpful to the employer.

Try to answer the mock questions before showing the sample response. For best results, have a friend or loved one to ask you the questions and repeat the mock interview two to three times. You may be surprised at the improvement from the first attempt to the third attempt!

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Q1. Introduction - Tell us about yourself, did you have any trouble finding us?

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Q2. Introduction - What do you know about our company?

(this is an opportunity to show that you have researched the company and are genuinely interested in the position)

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Q3. Body of the interview - Why do you think that you are qualified for this position?

(this question is more about your understanding of the position and less about your qualifications. Make sure you give examples to validate your claims)

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Q4. Body - How do you handle conflict in the workplace?

(hint. the answer to this question always excludes emotive responses. Just explain a process that is calm and rational)

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Q5. Situational Question - On returning to work from your lunch break you are confronted with an angry customer. how do you handle the situation?

(follow company policy - listen and assist the customer within those boundaries. Escalate the problem if the customer is not satisfied with your response)

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Q6. Behavioral Question - Describe a situation where you have had to use persuasion in order to convince someone to see things a different way.

(this question is about your ability to communicate and present facts)

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Q7. Shock Question - Your resume suggests that you have a weakness in ______. What is your opinion?

(shock questions test your temperament - stay calm and answer honestly and rationally)

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Q8. Open Question - What is your opinion about good customer service?

(When answering these questions - try to imagine the answer from the employers eyes, what would they want to see...)

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Q9. Closed Question - Do you know how many service centers we have in the district?

(closed questions can be tricky if you don't know the answer but once again - stay calm and explain your process for acquiring the answer. Don't offer excuses why you don't know such as - I'm nervous)

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Q10. Trick Question - What is your greatest weakness?

(Be Careful! Don't be tempted to stray away to unrelated topics - for example, by answering 'chocolate'. Also, be careful not to put yourself down - I don't know how to .... One last tip, please don't take the self assured route by answering 'weakness is not in my vocabulary')

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Q11. Odd Question - How many Coffee Shops are there in New York?

(Don't worry about the literal answer. Demonstrate that you can think outside the box and communicate clearly by describing the process that you would take to find the answer. Hint - try to answer something more substantial that just Google.)

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Q12. Closing - Do you have any questions for us?

(the answer is never 'no' - consider anything else you may want to know about start times, public transport, dress code, overtime, working on weekends etc. If you genuinely have no more questions try the response below in place of a 'no')

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