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Help Desk Resume

Introduction and Background

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Help desk departments often monitor the number of jobs opened, completed and escalated by the department. For this reason, it may pay to discuss your ability, willingness and experience with jobs that serve many customers in a single day. If you have had good accolades such as employee of the month with service oriented jobs it may be a good idea to note that in your application.

You may also be required to liaise with other technical teams in order to escalate issues. Demonstrating technical knowledge and the confidence to escalate issues by communicating an accurate description of the problem, it\'s scale (that is the number of users it is affecting) and other important details such as the incident start time may help to show your suitability to the job. Specialist technical teams can be hampered in their recovery efforts by misinformation, so demonstrating a willingness to collect facts may also help.

Career Objective

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To be successful in a service oriented role that includes lots of interaction with people and that challenges me to continue to develop on my previous computer experience and training.

Certifications and Training

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Professional Certifications

  • 2008 to 2009 - Certificate in Business Technology
  • Subject - Core Business Information Systems (High Distinction)
  • Subject - Operating Systems (Credit)
  • Subject - Computer and Network Hardware (Credit)


  • Subject - Quality Communications I (Distinction)

Employment History

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2008 to 2009 - Help Desk Operator/Computer Technician (part-time)

Help desk duties included attending to customers in the front counter as well as answering phone queries. Technology assistance included helping with a range of areas that have been listed below. Many assistance calls involved helping with functionality, bugs or upgrades. Some calls involved troubleshooting hardware issues.

2006 to 2008 - Burger Land (Casual)

Duties included serving customers, handling cash/eftpos, working with the register system, balancing the till, answering phone calls and keeping the front desk tidy and organized.

Technical Skills

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Collaboration and Productivity

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Instant Messenger
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS - Snow Leopard


  • 3Com and Cisco switches
  • 3Com and Cisco routers
  • Cisco wireless access points

PC Hardware

  • HP PC
  • IBM PC
  • Dell

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