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Sample Interview Questions

Test yourself with this realistic interview scenario. Answer the questions directly or peak at our tips to help to develop your response.

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Q1. Introduction Question from the Interviewer.
“Thanks for your time today, did you have any problem finding us?”

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Q2. Opening Question from the Interviewer.
“What do you know about our company?”

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Q3. Difficult situation question.
"Can you describe a difficult situation and tell us how you handled it"

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Q4. Personality based question.
"What achievements are you most proud of and why?"

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Q5. Career question.
"Where do you hope to be in five years?"

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Q6. Technical questions.
"A user called and a computer cannot access the Internet, what would you do?"

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Q7. Shock questions.
"Your certification has taken a long time to complete, are you struggling at this level?"

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Q8. Conclusion.
"Do you have any questions for us?"

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