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Server Administrator Job Description

Job Description

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Administer hardware, operating systems and core applications on server infrastructure including performance monitoring, operations planning, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance. Configure external storage, network connections and security applications to ensure servers are properly and efficiently integrated into the network.


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  • Virtualize and Consolidate Standalone Servers
  • Ensure availability and performance compliance to SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and OLAs (Operational Level Agreements)
  • Develop server build images and processes including automatic deployment technologies
  • Install Server based applications
  • Install and configure new hardware and software
  • Monitor server logs and health alarms
  • Perform maintenance tasks such as patch levels, firmware upgrades and backups
  • Oversee physical security, console access and out of band management access
  • Monitor, investigate and report breaches in performance
  • Monitor capacity - disk, RAM and processor
  • Identify, troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software problems
  • Work cooperatively with applications teams to install applications or upgrade existing applications

Key Competencies

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  • Situational Analysis
  • Customer Consideration
  • Customer Interaction
  • Managing Tasks
  • Problem Solving
  • Specific Technical Knowledge

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Employer Demand


75% Knowledge of common operating system maintenance such as Windows platforms, Linux administration or IBM AIX platforms
42% Provide specialized technical support and planning for Citrix XenApp and related applications
25% VMWare knowledge, skills and experience
25% Storage Area Networks (SAN) knowledge and experience such as: EMC, HP, Hitachi, Cisco
17% Working knowledge of ITIL change management
17% Working knowledge of clusters and high availability environments
17% Backup & Tape Library System (Tivoli)


Employer Demand


25% Degree
17% ITIL
9% MCP
8% VMware certification


The following salary indicators were found for this role;


Server Admin and Engineer Roles

Top End

Salary $77K - $88K $100K
Contract Rates $89h - $110h N/A

Key Personal Attributes

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From a customer's view point, servers should be out of sight and out of mind. They should just work without attracting attention to themselves. For this reason an excellent server administrator is proactive in maintenance and upkeep of the systems and duly concerned with the upkeep of preventative measures.

Attraction to the Position

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This position is well suited to techlincal individuals because it provides a challenging technical environment with plenty to learn and understand.

Staff Retention Strategies for Employers

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In order to increase job retention employers may seek to cross skill team members with related fields. For example a rotation schedule to give server team members experience with the networks, storage or virtualization teams. This strategy is closely aligned to keeping tehnical individuals challenged and therefore interested.

Advantage Alert

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This field is somewhat unique in that core duties and skills are very consistent across employers. In addition to those core skills, additional skills such as SAN, Network and/or security may help candidates stand out.