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All suggested edits are reviewed by a panel. Accepted edits are posted to the site. Edits that are not immediately posted are kept for future reference and grouped with other similar edits. As groups of similar edits grow they are reviewed with a higher likelyhood the edit will be posted.

As an example, you may suggest that the help desk role includes 'Perform password resets' as a duty. If the panel is unsure that this duty is representative of common help desk duties they may store the edit on file. Several more edits may be received for the same page including 'Reset AD passwords', 'Assign user passwords' and so on. The weight of these similar recommendations would sway the panel to include password resets into the list of duties for the help desk role.

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We are always adding and updating information on the site. Although we cannot provide individuals with advice, we will investigate and respond to general industry questions. Questions help you with your enquiries and they help us to understand the type of content you are looking for so they are always welcome. Please note, due to the volume of feedback that we receive we cannot guarantee a response. We will, however, try our best.

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